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Monday, April 22, 2013

Pregnancy, delivery & baby

Holla....long time didn't visit my blog. I am super busy at the mean time. Thanks to God, on the 24th February 2013 my pretty princess was born. Cun2 on Chap Goh Mei which marked the end of Chinese New Year Celebration. According to my doctor, my EDD is on 5th March. So, I didn't expect that I will deliver soon....

The day before my delivery, I was at salon to get my digital curl hair-do. Hang out with my mum, ate a lot and do some shopping for myself with my swollen legs and biggy tummy. Sempat!! Haha.

Oh ya, almost forgot to tell you guys. We named her Adelia Clarissa. Combination of French & Italian name which mean noble, kind, bright, shining and famous. lol. I hope that our lil princess will shine bright like a diamond and growing up as a noble and kind person. Here some pictures of my little princess to share. Enjoy!

Swollen Legs - the day before deliver

Adelia - Soon after deliver

Adelia - 2nd days old

Adelia - 10th days old

Adelia - 19th days old

Adelia - 1 month & 2 weeks old

Adelia - 1 month & 3 weeks

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